What Is My IP Address?

Your IP Address Is

Your Hex IP: 2C.C0.5E.B1 | Your Binary IP: 00101100.11000000.01011110.10110001

What Info Is In My IP?

Your IP Location: US United States, California, San Diego, 92111
Your Internet Service Provider (ISP): Amateur Radio Digital Communications

What's an IP Address?

An Internet Protocol (IP) Address is any Internet-enabled machine's Internet address that, in version 4 (IPv4), is made up of unique, four sets of numbers. Furthermore, an IP Address contains the—usually approximate—location-related information of a unique machine, like your computer, in the Inter-connected Network (Internet). To get the idea, you can compare an IP Address with your house's full Street Address, for example, which tells your house's physical location in your city, country, and, even, the universe. Moreover, any Internet-enabled machine (not just computers) needs to have an IP address properly assigned to it before it can access the Internet. So, just as real buildings need to have proper street addresses assigned to them before they can “communicate” with other buildings (e.g.: send/receive mails/packages), the same goes with Internet-enabled machines needing IP Addresses before they can access the Internet to “communicate” with other computers (e.g.: send/receive emails/files). Learn more » *

IP Address Code for Your Web Page!

Let your Web page/blog visitors know their IP addresses!
Simply copy and paste the code below inside the <body></body> tags in your Web page's code: